Statene Park, owned by Rob and Mary Hanna is located in the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia and has been the forefront of dressage and warmblood breeding for a long time.

Mary works full time as an equestrian coach and dressage rider, which she has done for over 35 years. She holds a bachelor of teaching and gives much of her time to the sport as an NCAS Level III Dressage instructor and A Level Judge.

Rob Hanna competed successfully as an eventing rider and was the Chef d’Equipe of the Australian Eventing team for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. He was also the Chef d’Equipe for Dressage from 2000 to 2005 before taking up the same role for Eventing.

Mary is no stranger to the international stage having represented Australia at five Olympic Games, five World Equestrian Games and has been the Australian National Grand Prix Champion on six occasions.

In 2018 Mary received one of the FEI’s most prestigious accolades, the Gold Badge of Honour. This badge recognises athletes who have been among the 15 best finishers in the Grand Prix in at least 14 CDIO competitions. This year also saw her inducted into the Equestrian Victoria Hall of Fame.

In 2020 Mary Hanna and Calanta have made history, setting a new Australian Kur Record scoring 80.145%  at the 2020 Willinga Park CDI4*. Mary’s record is also the first time an Australian has ever scored over 80%.

Together, Mary and Rob share a passion for horses and a vision to see Australian riders compete successfully nationally and internationally.

Mary and Rob Hanna with Calcanta, one of the two horses they have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Photo: Alan Barber

Summer Olympic Games

2016 Rio with Boogie Woogie 6 (9th team & 39th individually)
2012 London with Sancette  (9th team & 43rd individually)
2004 Athens with Limbo (39th individually)
2000 Sydney with Limbo (6th team & 34th individually)
1996 Atlanta with Mosaic  (24th individually)

Word Equestrian Games

2018 Tryon (8th team & 42th individually)
2014 Normandy (10th team & 29th individually)
2002 Jerez (12th team & 41 individually)
1998 Rome (13th team & 55th individually)
1994 The Hague (10th team & 41st individually)

Stepping Back in Time…

Mary riding Kilof McOhl and her late husband Gert Donvig riding Granada
Mary Hanna and Limbo with Daughter Gitte on Mosaic
Mary Hanna and Mosaic at the 1996 Olympics
Mary and Rob Hanna with Shiraz Black Photo: Lyndal Oatley
Mary Hanna and Limbo at the Sydney 2000 Olympics
Mary Hanna and Mosaic at the 1996 Olympics
Mary and Brûlée conquer the Gawler track
Mary originally was a Show Jumper
Mary Hanna and Limbo at the Sydney 2000 Olympics
Mary and Mosaic with Kyra Kirkland at the Flyinge Stud in Sweden